This Is The Police Torrent

This Is The Police Torrent is the most adventure strategy video game. Weappy Studio develops it and published by EuroVideo Medien and Nordic Games alike. Their player can dive into the dark story of the world of corruption. The user will face intrigue and crime as well. Fully take the role of gritty police chief Jack Boyd. The user can also come face to face with ugly underbelly of Freeburg. Moreover, the city of the spiraling drain. In the latest version, you can manage staff and respond to investigate crime in the town on the brink of chaos. It is the challenging Jack and task has to come up more victorious. You will see also action and strategies that will determine whether Jack retains the dignity with the stack of bills. Well, it is upcoming most popular style among players in the game.

In This Is the Police Torrent, the user needs to manage your team in such a particular way that can respond to emergencies urgently. This game takes place in the fictional city in late 1980 during final on the force. The full game manages staff, investigate the crimes and respond to the emergencies in the city. In this thoroughly activated game you. By option, the user can choose approach to each situation as the mission unfolds. The sometime user will find dodging thieves, so it’s up to the player to handle the situation. In other words, you can also call this game as a police simulation game. But this official game has a lot of newly featured advantages. In sudden time, the player will be responding to developing crisis at the crime scene. There is Jack Boyd named exemplary spotless police career. However, in the city of corruption police will play an essential role in the peace of the city. In This Is The Police Torrent, the player should have to tackle gangsters and criminal threats.

This Is The Police Torrent

This Is the Police Torrent has added new options to manage staff and investigation branch as well as emergencies in the city. You will be amazed after playing the game. Now in this game, you will be the honest officer or a corrupt police officer. It’s up to you how you do your tasks. No doubt corruption has reached everywhere. The corruption can be seen in ostentation of the companions alike. In this game, we also submit to several decisions that mark evolution stories. And like in real life the mayor office has its suggestion. And the press will also begin to suspect the case. So the player has to prepare for that investigation. Here the police department seems to represent the complexity of power and the balance of crime or order. Here player should not forget the ultimate goal of the game is to get the pension plan unethical at the beginning.

Key Features of This Is the Police Torrent

The latest version of This Is the Police Torrent has many new features. That will force you to download and play this game for joy. Moreover, this game simulates the real life. Some of the key advantages of This Is the Police Torrent are:

  • It is Strategy Game and little adventure for you
  • Player have to choose the role in the game
  • Do accept as a criminal or as a Chief of Police
  • You can manage the team
  • Select the talented guys in a team
  • Also, manage team to respond emergencies very quickly
  • Here you need to make strategies according to strategies likewise
  • Their user will see the excellent graphics

What’s New

  • Faster installation
  • No execution error
  • All features work accurately
  • No virus there
  • Collaborates with any operating system
  • More Information on This Is the Police Torrent
  • Game Name: This os the police
  • File Size of setup: About 6 GB (Giga Byte)
  • Platform: For Desktop PC till now


This Is the Police Torrent file that you will download from the link. The file will be downloaded quickly because the setup contains compressed data. So do install the setup using WinRAR software. Enjoy the game for free.

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